Maddy Ciccone

Meet Maddy Ciccone From SoulCycle

Maddy Ciccone is a master instructor at SoulCycle in Boston and recently launched her own one-on-one coaching program, Wicked Fearless!⁣ The founders, Olivia and Kate, are riders of Maddy’s Soulcycle classes and close friends. Maddy served as a motivational force for both the founders to create something meaningful. Below is an interview with Maddy about Radiate and what it means to her.

Maddy repping the Glow Crewneck with pride

How does Radiate align with you and your career? 

I just feel like it completely aligns with who I am and what I preach not only on but also beyond the bike. I think this is especially important during COVID.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be and why?

Joyful Loving and above all else fearless - this is also my little slogan and what I close all my classes with.

If you had to choose a color from the Another Day Collection which color would you rep? 

Yellow - it’s just Sunny and Sunshine and Good Vibes!

What does the Another Day Collection mean to you (take it one day at a time)?

One foot in front of the other - do the next right thing - one pedal stroke at a time - it’s kind of all very similar and of the same vein.

How has your mental or physical health impacted you and your outlook on life?

I think it’s certainly been a journey and will continue to be that way. My story is long and winding but I this these are kind of the threads within the fiber of all that I do within SoulCycle and like I said… beyond the bike as well.

How would you describe your first impression of Radiate and its mission / values?

I love it… I mean what is there not to love?

How do you feel when you rep Radiate? 

Bright - Bold - Good Vibes

To learn more about Maddy:

Instagram: Maddztadzz


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