Ivy Watts

Meet Ivy Watts from Athlete Minds Matter

Ivy Watts is a motivational speaker who speaks about the importance of mental health, specifically to athletes. The founders connected with Ivy through a speech she did for Olivia's school, Nichols College, via zoom. At the time, Olivia was playing soccer for her college team and was struggling with mental health. Ivy talked about her struggles and her story regarding mental health as an athlete. It really inspired Olivia to talk about my mental health struggles more. Olivia and Kate later reached out to Ivy to partner with her and asked her to be an influencer for Radiate and feel she is a great representation of Radiate's mission. Below is our interview with Ivy. 

Ivy repping the Glow Crewneck with a smile

How does Radiate align with you and your career? 

As a Mental Health Empowerment Speaker, I aim to break the stigma around mental health and create safe spaces for people to feel empowered to seek help and know they are not alone. I am also a huge advocate for self-love, self-care and positivity. Learning self-love through affirmations were incredibly important for me to change my lifelong cycle of self-hate, and I share the power of self-love and affirmations with all of the students and student-athletes that I speak to. Radiate aligns with me because the messages on your super comfy clothes are positive, uplifting and are the words we all need to hear. How often do we need to have validation from someone else but don’t always get it? It’s beautiful that you can get that validation or word of encouragement from a Radiate sweatshirt/sweatpants.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be and why?

Ha, this is tough. I would say I am brave, persistent and silly (well corny!!) lol. I am brave because I turned my pain into passion and have done so many things that were once terrifying or felt impossible (leaving an abusive relationship, going to therapy, telling my family about my mental health struggle, leaving my full time job to start my own business). I am persistent because I go after my goals with everything that I have. And I am silly and corny because I allow myself to be who I am and I love that. I love making corny jokes, and even if others don’t laugh, it brings me joy!

If you had to choose a color from the Another Day Collection which color would you rep?

100% yellow. My favorite color has always been yellow, and I think it really aligns with my personality. I feel like yellow makes people happy, and that’s what I strive to do - I strive to be caring, uplifting and positive and that is exactly what I think about whenever I see yellow. Yellow is just a bright and fun color and I don’t wear enough of it, so I am glad to have this awesome yellow sweater in my closet!

What does the Another Day Collection mean to you (take it one day at a time)?

I know for myself, my anxiety makes me really bogged down about my future. I start overthinking where I will be in 6 months and second guessing all of my decisions. Instead, it is so important to just be in this current moment, and know that the future is scary and full of unknowns, but we have the present moment. We can take things one day, even just one moment at a time. By focusing on what is in front of us during that day, the anxiety becomes a bit more manageable. Also, sometimes it can feel really hard to get through a day. I know I’ve felt that so many times. But somehow, with support, strength, love and positivity, you get through it, one day at a time, you get through it. I think it’s powerful to realize that you keep making it through, one day at a time, you keep pushing forward and getting through difficult times. That’s admirable. That’s what this collection means to me, that despite hard times where you felt like you wanted things to end, you kept going, and you kept moving forward. And that’s all we can do, just one day at a time.

How has your mental or physical health impacted you and your outlook on life?

My mental health journey with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts as a student-athlete that appeared to have it all together has definitely changed my outlook. I used to believe the stigma around mental health, and now after really going through a mental health battle, I feel so much more empathy towards others who struggle. I also now know the power of being compassionate with myself. I still struggle. A lot. I have and will always have anxiety that can sometimes be debilitating. But the difference is that now I can allow myself to feel the anxious feeling, and then do something about it (run, meditate, talk to my therapist, etc). My mental health has given me a beautiful opportunity to share my story, to connect with amazing people who want to make a difference for themselves and for others, and for an opportunity to play even a small role in breaking the stigma. I am grateful for what I went through, it has made me who I am today.

How would you describe your first impression of Radiate and its mission / values?

SO IMPRESSED! I was like “who are these people and how can I get to know them and how can I get those yellow sweats?!” I love the work you all do. I love how you are not only promoting mental wellness through comfy clothing, but you are also donating money to organizations who are fighting for mental health care/education for people everywhere. I was impressed and so grateful to be able to purchase a piece of clothing. It’s pretty cool to buy something that you love, that promotes positivity and self-love, AND gives back to a worthy cause.

How do you feel when you rep Radiate? 

Capable! Like I can take on that day, even when it feels impossible. It’s a message to myself that I’ve got this, even when my brain tells me I don’t. I also feel super comfy because lounging in sweats are my favorite and Radiate sweats are incredibly comfy! Comfy and empowering? Count me in!

In your own words, what is your overall review of the quality of Radiate?

Incredible. Thank you for being who you are and creating this brand. The world needs more positivity and even just the smallest message of hope on a piece of clothing can make a huge difference. Your sweaters are comfortable and promote positivity, self-love and mental wellness. I encourage everyone to buy something from Radiate. Their customer service is incredible and you are buying quality products. You are also working with two really passionate students who want to make a difference in the world. You can’t go wrong with Radiate.

Stay connected with Ivy:

Instagram: Ivywattsspeaks

Website: https://www.ivywattsspeaks.com/