Blog 2

How was Radiate Created?

Kate and I often get asked how Radiate came to be. I thought I could share our story with you today. Since we are both in college, many people are surprised that we started our own business. One thing we can say, is that starting a business isn’t easy no matter if you are a college student or an adult. It is a learning curve. So, when asked about why we created Radiate and the story behind it, we are always happy to share.

Radiate was officially born in early July of 2020. It began one morning while Kate and I were eating breakfast; Kate started to talk about how she wanted to do more with her fitness platform; she wanted to make a clothing line and align it with mental and physical health.

With my background in psychology and personal struggles with mental health, I was able to come up with a way to incorporate these aspects into our clothing lines.

We became business partners and started working on our small business with any free time we had together in the summer. On that same summer day in July, I grabbed a cocktail napkin and started making the first draft of our patch, which is now an orange, pink and yellow sun. We then began brainstorming names and we came up with a lot of future collections that day as well. We knew we wanted to make a positive difference and bring awareness to mental and physical health in society because it isn’t talked about enough. We knew we wanted Radiate to be seen as more than just a piece of clothing.                                       


It took months of trial and error to find a good supplier of the clothing we wanted to bring to our future customers. Lots of samples and drawings for our first collection, fundraising to make our dream become a reality, but it all paid off on our launch date, October 10th, 2020. We saw all our hard work become our reality, but as new business owners, we had no idea what to expect. 

We created a website from scratch, made the products, took photos for the website, and put up the frontage cost before we even knew if our business would succeed. This took months, but to us, all the extra work and learning was worth it for the overall message.

Why Start Radiate in the Middle of a Pandemic?

Kate and I are often asked why we decided to start Radiate in the middle of a pandemic. We launched our first collection, Radiate Positivity, to bring positive energy and comfort to those struggling during these unprecedented times.

We also wanted to bring awareness to the importance of mental and physical health and decided to launch our business on World Mental Health Day, October 10th, 2020. This was the perfect time to launch our company and our first collection as a reminder to everyone to stay positive. Each color aligns with mental health ribbons and colors.

In the midst of the pandemic, there was a rise in the need to talk about mental health. People were struggling now more than ever. Society was isolated from their support systems in quarantine. Suicide cases rose while the world was on lockdown.

Never once was the stigma around mental health talked about on the news, just the rapid rise in the need for therapy, pills, and suicide rates. We saw this coverage and knew that there was no better time to launch Radiate and to start the conversation.

 We wanted to start the conversation about mental health and allow people to own their story without having to say them out loud. To the world at large, our clothing line is comfortable leisure-wear in awesome colors. But to me and Kate, and our customers it is so much more. It is a conversation starter and a company that is focused on giving back 10% of the collection’s proceeds to a charity or nonprofit that betters mental and physical health. 

We hope this blog, brought you more insight into how the company started and why it is so important to Kate and me. We also hope it answered some of the most commonly asked questions we receive and shed light on the overall mission of Radiate. Our emails are always open and we are wishing you positivity and health.

By, (Co Founder/CEO) Olivia Marcantonio