Why is the “Another Day” Collection More Expensive

Why is the “Another Day” Collection More Expensive?

Here at Radiate we aim to be transparent as a  business and strive to bring the best quality  products to our customers. So, when we had the opportunity to advance our products, we jumped at the opportunity…
That being said we knew the product was more expensive to purchase and design. This is why this collection is a higher price than our last collection. We had nothing but great reviews from our last line, but we knew we could do better and didn’t want to keep putting out the same product. We always aim to level up. Due to your support, we were able to bring you all a better-quality product made out of blanket material.

Another unique feature of this collection and the products we are offering is the number of sizes available from this manufacturer. In our last collection we could only offer sizes up to XL and nothing more. But with the “Another Day” collection we are able to offer a wider range of sizes including XS-3XL and place special orders with our manufacturer to get the products we have received many emails about. This is another factor considered in the pricing for this collection.

When it came to the pricing for this collection, we tried to keep it relatively close to the last collections pricing because we are college students just like most of our customer base and social media followers. Therefore, we wanted to offer a manageable price range. We figured if we are able to pay close to

$70 for our college clothing that has a print of our school name or mascot, $10 dollars more than the last collection, for a higher quality product is not out of line. On top of that, one would be supporting a company that donates 10% of their proceeds to a new charity each collection and has a bigger meaning behind the product itself. Here at radiate our mission is to give back to the community, which is why we put all of our proceeds from previous collection back into the business to further improve our product and consistently leveling up. In addition, we focus in on the community and work towards Radiates goals of making a change no matter how big or small.

What Makes these Products Different?

Okay, I know it took a while to get here, but I promise this will explain what makes the product in this collection different…

First off, the process to make these products is very time consuming. The product is made with pigmented dyes which are very different from normal dyes used on regular clothing. A regular sweatshirt fabric is knit, and rolls of fabric are dyed to the color, then cut, and sent into a sweatshirt. However, for pigment dyes the fabric is knit, cut and sewn in to prepare for dye sweatshirt and then pigment dyed to color the full garment. This gives the product its unique pigment look in a uniform manner. If it were to be done separately, due to the nature of the dye it wouldn’t have a unified look but would look more like patch work.

The next major difference between pigment dye and regular dye is how it bonds to the yarn. Regular dye chemically bonds to the clothing and won’t change, while pigment dye coats the yarns in the fleece fabric and isn’t chemically bonded. This makes it unique and why you see variations in how well the dye covers the yarns. The large panels of the clothing get good coverage, and the seams and other higher spots get less coverage.

This brings in beautiful highs and lows, which connect back to our company and this line as a whole. The highs and lows make for beautiful textures and color variations making each piece dyed unique and individual like the person wearing the clothing.

The pigment dyed hoodies, crewnecks, and sweatpants are made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The face yarn is 100% cotton, and the inside yarn is 60% cotton and 40% polyester for the ultimate softness and stretch. It is all finished off with an enzyme wash to give it the super soft feel that we know and love about this collection at Radiate.

Lastly, given the ability to better our product quality, we were able to invest in matching sets with no variations in the colorations between the pieces whether it be a crew, hoodie, or sweatpants. We hope this answers some questions about the “Another Day” collection and our emails are always open to all of you.



By, (CEO) Olivia Marcantonio